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The following institutions have been extremely helpful in supplying spatial data for this project:

Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, Western Cape Provincial Government: GIS

          Go to website here

Department of Agriculture, Western Cape Provincial Government, Research Support Services: GIS

          Go to website here

Agricultural Geo-referenced Information System (AGIS)

​          Go to website here

Department of Environmental Affairs, Environment GIS (EGIS)

          Go to EGIS here

Department of Local Government, Western Cape Provincial Government, Disaster Risk Management Centre

          Go to website here

South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) - BGIS

​          Go to BGIS here

​Cape Nature Scientific Services

          Go to Cape Nature Scientific Services here

          We acknowledge the Western Cape Nature Conservation Board (WCNCB), Scientific Services, for making their fire data available.

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Geospatial Analysis Service (GAP)

          Go to CSIR GAP here

Green Cape

          Go to Green Cape here

Statistics South Africa

          Go to Statistics South Africa here

City of Cape Town Catchment Stormwater and River Management

          Go to CoCT Stormwater and River Management here


​          Go to GEOSS here


​          Go to Eskom here

South Africa Wind Atlas project

          Go to SA Wind Atlas here