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Mapping Application

This link will take you to a comprehensive beta-version spatial database (GIS maps) covering the categeries Food, Energy, Water, Land and Biodiversity and a number of base, or background maps, for the Berg River Catchment in the Western Cape Province, South Africa. For Phase 1 of this project, the maps can be viewed at user defined spatial scales, and information on the attributes of a specific area can be called up by clicking on the area. Further information on what the layers mean and how to interpret them will be provided during Phase 2.

The prefix to each file name indicates to which category the database belongs. To call up a layer simply click on the open box to its left. To close the layer click on the box again to remove the tick.

To call up the Legend, scroll up to the top of the column and click on "Legend".

This site will eventually provide an interactive tool for local economic and development planning in the Berg River Catchment - watch this space. 


Enter the Berg River mapping application by clicking here