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Nexus presentations

The following powerpoint presentations provide useful summary information and critical thinking on the resource nexus both in South Africa and globally.

Etzinger, Andrew. Power and the Water, Food, Energy Nexus. SAWEF Conference, 18 April 2012. Eskom.

Catley-Carlson, Margaret. Food, Energy and Water - The Meganexus: South Africa at the Stress Epicenter. SAWEF Conference, April 2012.

Rogner, H.-Holger. CLEWS - Climate Land Energy and Water Strategies: a Case Study. 2009. IAEA.

Krittasudthacheewa, Chayanis et al. Building the Synergy for Water-Energy-Food Security: The Nexus Perspective. ASEAN Conference, Bangkok, November 2012. SEI.

Llamas, Ramon and Aldaya, Maite. Water-energy-food security nexus in the Guadiana river basin. 2012 Water Week Stockholm. UNEP, Fundacion Botin.

Hidayat, Fahmi. Managing the Water-Food-Energy Securities in the Brantas River Basin, Indonesia. JASA TIRTA I Public Corporation, Indonesia.

Marx, Sina. Amudarya River Basin. River Basins and the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus. IISD-GWSP Conference on the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus, May 2012.

Pittock, Jamie. Frameworks for managing the water, food and energy nexus in a changing climate. Water Governance Conference, Drakensberg, November 2012. USSC & ANU.

Priscoli, Jerome. Water, Energy, Food Nexus: a Perspective through Eyes of Water Policy. April 2012, Johannesburg. Institue for Water Resources, US Army Corps of Engineers.

Vidal, Alain. High Level Panel on the Water, Food and Energy Nexus -  Main Outcomes. 6th World Water Forum, Marseilles, 2012. CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food.

Hoff, Holger et al. The Nexus in Science and Research - Nile Basin. 2012 World Water Week Stockholm. NBD, SIWI, SEI, Pegasys, WRI.

Cammerman, N. 2009. IWRM and the Water, Energy and Climate Nexus. 12th International Riversymposium, Brisbane, Australia, 21-24 September 2009.